Outstanding Alumni: Meagan Simms, ’15, Discusses Value of STEP and Life After Graduation

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Meagan Simms


May 3, 2017

Outstanding Alumni: Meagan Simms, ’15, Discusses Value of STEP and Life After Graduation


Of our notable alumni, Meagan Simms distinguishes herself with her current work as well as her past experiences as a student in the Adelphi’s Scholar Teacher Education Program (STEP). Simms was a Psychology major and Gender Studies minor, working as an America Reads/America Counts tutor as well as spending a Semester at Sea with Francine Conway, Ph.D., and Nicole Adams-Flores. Psy.D.

Simms is currently in her second year as Kindergarten Lead Teacher at Girls Prep Lower East Side Elementary, a Title I school intent on “meeting the needs of incredible young girls who go through hardships most adults can’t handle,” as she puts it.

Simms didn’t expect to get hired immediately upon graduation but her persistence helped her achieve the goal of getting right into the classroom and she has since discovered her ideal fit. “Each day is more exciting than the next…I know I won’t spend my whole life teaching Kindergarten, but I will spend my whole life working to make sure young children get the best possible foundation for education and social-emotional development that they can in Kindergarten. It is one of the most crucial years in a child’s academic career, and one that I am so blessed to be a part of.”

Looking back at her years in STEP, Simms shares some wisdom and advice for current and aspiring students. The most important tools she acquired at Adelphi were perseverance and collaboration. Studying education in the STEP Program opened her eyes to a world of diversity and inclusion that must begin with open collaboration if one hopes to have a long-lasting career in education. “Being a first generation female student of color, perseverance was my only option. In the real world, nothing is handed to you. I learned the true meaning of hard work at Adelphi, especially in the STEP Program.” The most important thing she wants students to consider is Gandhi’s philosophy to be the change you wish to see in the world.


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